I want to start a new CakePHP project, but I don’t want to download anything. Ideally I want to create my application with the framework as a dependancy.


So firstly you’ll want to create yourself a project folder. For this example we’ll create a project to adopt a cat. We need to create ourself a project folder, make it into a Git repo so we can version our code, and then we can start adding our dependancies.

$ mkdir KittyMarket
$ cd KittyMarket
$ git init
$ composer init

So after the last command Composer will ask you about your project, so you can complete the details there. Be sure that you set your "minimum-stability": "dev" so that packages loading from dev-master will work.

Then you can start defining your dependancies. Firstly you’ll want cakephp/cakephp and set a version of the latest, currently 2.5.1.

After this I like to edit my composer.json to add some configuration, so that Composer will put things in the correct CakePHP place.

    "config": {
        "vendor-dir": "vendors",
        "bin-dir": "vendors/bin"

Once you’ve added all your dependancies it’s time to make the app. Be aware that the ../vendors/bin might be different if you didn’t use the above amend to your composer.json.

$ mkdir app
$ cd app
$ ../vendors/bin/cake bake

This will copy in the framework skeleton.


Make a brew!