I needed to do a search on a date field in my database which was stored as a DATE, but only filtering by month.


So I had already implemented the CakeDC/Search into my project, so all I needed to do was create a custom method to return the right conditions for the query.

My model already had the filterArgs setup.

 * Setup default search filters
 * @var array
	public $filterArgs = [
		'day_type_id' => ['type' => 'value'],
        'month' => ['type' => 'query', 'method' => 'filterByMonth']

So I just added a type of query and passed in a method.

 * Filter the pagination by month
 * @param array $data
 * @return array
    public function filterByMonth(array $data = array()) {
        return [
            "DATE_FORMAT({$this->alias}.date, '%c')" => (int)$data['month']

The $data array will contain all the fields setup in your model along with their values. So for me it looked like

    'day_type_id' => 3,
    'month' => '08' // Note the string type, hence why I cast to int


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