You are paginating a set of records but you want to use a custom url for that specific filter. For me this was pagination a set of news articles by category.

The url I wanted to use was /news/category/daves-awesome-category and then paginating results on /news/category/daves-awesome-category/page:3. However the Paginator helper didn’t want to play ball.

I had already created my route.

Router::connect('/news/category/:category/*', array('controller' => 'news_articles', 'action' => 'index'), array('category' => '[a-z0-9-]+', 'pass' => array('category')));

But instead of the expected links above, I was getting /news/daves-awesome-category/page:2 missing out my keyword from the url.


The Paginator helper options array to the rescue! You can actually configure the options of the helper right in the view. Such a simple fix.

Here is my pagination including the fix to adjust the url if a category is set.

if (isset($category)) {
	$this->Paginator->options['url'] = array('controller' => 'news_articles', 'action' => 'index', 'category' => $category['NewsCategory']['slug']);
echo $this->Paginator->prev('< ' . __('previous'), array(), null, array('class' => 'prev disabled'));
echo $this->Paginator->numbers(array('separator' => ''));
echo $this->Paginator->next(__('next') . ' >', array(), null, array('class' => 'next disabled'));


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