Use case

You want to set a default for a collection of items and you need to validate that there is only one default set in the collection.


I tend to use a bool NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 field for this in the database. Then in my model I’ll implement a custom validation function.

public $validate = array(
        'default' => array( // Name of the field
            'one' => array( // The name of the rule
                'rule' => 'onlyOne', // My custom validation
                'message' => 'Only one can be default. A default already exists',
                'required' => false

 * Checks to ensure that only one record has the default flag
 * @param array $check An array containing {field}=>{value}
 * @return bool
    public function onlyOne($check) {
        // If turning off default, we don't mind
        if ($check['default'] == 0) {
            return true;

        // Find the current default
        $default = $this->find('first', array(
            'conditions' => array(
                'default' => 1,
            'fields' => array('id', 'name')

        // No default exists
        if (!$default) {
            return true;

        // If we are updating the current default
        if ($default['Model']['id'] == $this->data['Model']['id']) {
            return true;

        return false;


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