When choosing my type of routing in Symfony2, I wanted to avoid using XML as I’ve been put off it by working with Magento, so that left YAML and Annotation.

I picked annotation as it looked neater, but I wanted to find out how to find a controller from a url.

Trace a url back to a controller

$ app/console router:match /players/
Route "players_index" matches
$ app/console router:debug players_index
[router] Route "players_index"
Name         players_index
Pattern      /players/
Class        Symfony\Component\Routing\Route
Defaults     _controller: PingPong\Bundle\PlayerBundle\Controller\PlayersController::indexAction
Options      compiler_class: Symfony\Component\Routing\RouteCompiler
Regex        #^/players/$#s

This will allow you to chase Controller annotated routes from the command line!


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