So due to snow I had to work from home. I needed to mount my work files over the VPN so that I could use my work Mac as my server. This would save me loads of time, allowing me to edit the files remotely and view them using my Macs nginx server.

Using Samba / CIFS


For this method you’ll need to enable file sharing on the Mac locally in System Preferences > Sharing and enable File Sharing. Then you’ll want to share a folder, probably your home folder, /Users/david. Hit Options and enable sharing with SMB. Be sure to click the account that you want to use, and enter your password.

Connecting to the share

In Ubuntu or Windows, you should be able to connect to the folder using the IP address of your computer, in the format of smb:// then enter your local machine login.

Mounting the share

Check to make sure that you have cifs installed by looking for cifs-utils package.

dpkg --get-selections cifs-utils

If not, you’ll need to install it. sudo apt-get install cifs-utils.

In terminal

sudo mount -t cifs //server/share -o 'username=david,password=mypassword,rw,nounix,noserverinfo,sec=ntlmssp,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777' /mnt/david_mac

Using NFS


Firstly you need to edit the /etc/exports on the Mac to add the folder that you want to share. Something like "/Users/david" -alldirs -mapall=501 will share the home folder to everyone on your network, fine for internal mounting.

Next we need to make sure that the file is correct and nfsd is running.

$ showmount -e
$ sudo nfsd checkexports
$ sudo nfsd status
$ sudo nfsd restart
$ showmount -e

Mount the share

sudo mount -t nfs -o 'proto=tcp,port=2049,nolock' hostname:/Users/david /mnt/david_mac/

##Done Have a celebratory cup of tea. You deserve it.