My name is Dave and I'm a web developer by trade. I code using PHP Storm in PHP and quite often CakePHP, along with all the other general web bits such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. You'll also catch me using Sass, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap. I even use Vagrant occasionally.

I work on OS X and Ubuntu usually, but sometimes Windows 10. It's the code that counts, but it's hard to beat native bash support.


Looking for my CV or Resume? Stackoverflow Careers or Linkedin.com.

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Are you looking for a PHP mentor? Check out php-mentoring.org.

I also speak

I've done some talks at both local user groups and conferences. You can find my slides on my slideshare.net profile.

If you're interested in giving a talk I would highly recommend it, your knowledge is valuable.
Start out by attending your local user group.

Open source citizenship talk at PHP Hampshire

Why this blog?

So I wanted a place to store thoughts and snippets on coding, technology and other bits. Where better than Github? Where most of my code lives. I have some over at BitBucket.org also.

I used to have a TiddlyWiki which lived in my Dropbox, but then I moved a few bits to Github Gists before deciding to create this micro-blog.